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Bernie Sanders pulls ahead of Hillary Clinton in one poll

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Bernie SandersPhotograph by Drew Angerer — Getty Images

Bernie Sanders pulled ahead of the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in a new NBC/Marist poll of New Hampshire voters. And another poll of Iowa voters shows that while Clinton still has the lead, Sanders’ support has increased.

The polls asked voters in New Hampshire who they would support if the primary were held today. Sanders was the favorite Democratic candidate in New Hampshire with 41% of the vote, leading Clinton by 9 points and Vice President Joe Biden by 25 points. When they excluded Biden from the poll, Sanders’ numbers increased to 49% and Clinton’s to 38%.

When they conducted the same poll in July, Clinton led with 42%, putting her 10 points over Sanders and 30 points over Biden. Without counting Biden in the race, Clinton had 47% of the vote to Sanders’ 34%.

NBC/Marist poll of Iowa voters found Sanders’ numbers increase in the Iowa poll as well, although Clinton remains in the lead. With Biden counted in the poll, Clinton received 38% of the vote, down from her 49% in July. Sanders went up by 2 points since July, from 25% to 27%, and Biden saw a 10 point increase, from 10% to 20%.

When they excluded Biden, Clinton led with 48%, 11 points ahead of Sanders and 7 points down from her 55% lead in July. Sanders’ numbers increased from 26% in July to 37% in September.