The 9 coolest ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ toys

September 4, 2015, 5:41 PM UTC

Walt Disney Co. (DIS) wants the Force to be with you in every possible corner of the toy aisle.

The owner of Lucasfilm is making a big ballyhoo out of “Force Friday,” as Disney and key licensing partners like Hasbro (HAS) and Lego are unveiling scads of new Star Wars goodies that are hitting retail shelves today and will be sold throughout the key retail season.

What will be the biggest hits? That remains to be seen, though Sphero’s BB-8 toy – featured on this list – looks poised to be a breakout star even with its $149 price tag. Lightsabers will be hot sellers of course, as will action figures of all sizes. In total, observers are expecting the film’s gear will become a $1 billion toy brand in U.S. retail alone.

With so much to choose from, Fortune has dug through Force Friday’s offerings and come up with a list of nine toys that are the coolest in the galaxy.

BB-8 Sphero Toy

BB-8 on its charging stand.

Even with a $149 price tag, Sphero's BB-8 toy is probably the clear winner of all the Star Wars offerings that are debuting this year. It is an app-enabled "droid" that can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet, with the ability to record and send holographic images. Sphero, a small startup that makes Internet-connected toys, says it had sold half a million toys before meeting with Disney. Expect sales to surge thanks to the BB-8. The droid has already won rave reviews from Gizmodo and CNET.


Hasbro’s Furbacca is among the many Star Wars related toys being rolled out on Force Friday.

Furby + Chewbacca = pure cuteness. Hasbro introduced the furry friend at the New York toy fair back in February. Furbacca was one of the few new Star Wars products showcased at that event. (He was heavily guarded). It makes sense to integrate these two brands: Furby, which Hasbro relaunched in 2012, has seen sales soften of late, and Chewbacca remains one of the most endearing and popular Star Wars characters. At $80, Furbacca sings Star Wars songs and speaks Wookiee.

Kylo Ren Lightsaber

Kylo Ren Lightsaber - Star Wars: The Force Awakens. .Available at Disney Store.MSRP: $29.95.Available: September 4. .Step into the action of Star Wars: The Force Awakens when you wield our Kylo Ren Lightsaber featuring the mysterious villain's distinctive cross hilt blades, lights, motion-sensor sounds, battle-clash rumble and dueling effects.

The Kylo Ren is the only lightsaber featured in the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it's a configuration that has never been seen in the Star Wars world before. Wielded by the film's main mysterious villain, this version of the lightsaber retails for $30 and features the motion-sensor sounds that are standard on lightsabers produced by toy makers these days. The "real" Kylo Ren lightsaber has both fanboys and detractors, according to The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams, who said he's received lots of positive and negative feedback.

Lego's Millennium Falcon

A big reason Lego has been a huge success in the toy aisle in recent years has been the willingness of the Danish company to build licensed sets for popular films like The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises. Though Lego was founded in the early 1930s, it only first started making licensed kits in 1999, back when Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was released. It's still doing a big business making Star Wars construction sets today, and the new Millennium Falcon tied to The Force Awakens is sure to be a hit.

Kylo Ren: 48" figure

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Big Figs 31" and 48" Licensee: JAKKS Pacific MSRP: $34.99 for 31"; $99.99 for 48" Available: September 4 Our 31 inch Massive Big Figs have 5-7 points of articulation and a signature weapon ready for battle. Kylo Ren: A dark warrior strong with The Force, Kylo Ren commands First Order missions with a temper as fiery as his unconventional Lightsaber. First Order Stormtrooper: Equipped with sleep armor and powerful weapons, the Stormtroopers enforce the will of the First Order. Standing at a whopping 48 inches, our Colossal scale Big Figs are interactive with an amazing motion detection feature. When you enter the room, they will recognize your presence and respond with movie lines and sound effects. The Stormtrooper also has an additional elbow joint to allow him to pose with his blaster.

Jakks Pacific has carved out a niche in the figurine world by creating 48-inch characters for Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now, the latest Star Wars characters. This Kylo Ren doll is likely to be among the most popular, especially because this $100 version has a motion detection feature. It senses when someone enters the room and responds with movie lines and sound effects.

Nerf Stormtrooper blaster

Besides the lightsaber, the blaster guns are among the most iconic weapons found in the Star Wars universe, so it makes sense that Hasbro would release a Nerf version. This $40 blaster comes with a 12-dart clip and shoots them up to 65 feet.

Jedi Master Lightsaber

This $50 kit gives kids (and many adults for sure) the ability to create over 100 different lightsaber combinations. It comes with a main traditional lightsaber, as well as two smaller daggers and a handful of connectors.

Legendary Yoda

The 16-inch doll has won rave reviews among the Youtube crowd, as it features voice recognition and physically wields its own lightsaber. If you say, "I want to be a Jedi," Yoda responds accordingly. It retails for $180.

Risk: Star Wars edition

Hasbro is smartly leaning on the Star Wars brand for updates to many of its most popular gaming properties, including Monopoly and Battleship. We think the tie-in with Risk was particularly savvy, as that game (like the movie) is all about trying to control the universe. Stormtroopers and other notable Star Wars characters are featured in the fight to rule the world. The game retails for $30.

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