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Verizon has a new logo, and it’s really basic

A day after Google broke the Internet by unveiling its new logo, Verizon trumpeted its own rebranding.

The mobile phone carrier showed off the new logo on Twitter, writing, “Our look is evolving along with our customers.”

In an article on its website, the company explained that it’s changing the logo to “go along with our renewed purpose at Verizon,” adding, “In a world that is constantly changing and introducing new technology, our customers rely on us every day to deliver the connections that matter to them.”

Verizon continued, “We make it possible for today’s always-on consumers to watch videos, listen to music, navigate city streets and stay in touch across the globe. Simply put, we deliver the promise of the digital world and we need a logo that expresses our purpose in a way that is truly ours.”

Check out the new logo below: