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Hillary Clinton sent the single best email ever emailed

The Hilary Clinton e-mail scandal is, all-in-all, a serious thing. That doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it, though.

And so, here, we celebrate the truly strangest and most bizarre e-mail in the now-available files from the presidential contender and former Secretary of State’s e-mail archives. Keep in mind, this wasn’t sent to a friend or to Chelsea or Bill. This was sent, according to the Washington Post, to adviser Jake Sullivan and former assistant secretary of state Richer R. Verma.

The subject line? “Gefilte fish.”

The body? “Where are we on this?”

And that is all!

Clinton Email
State Department


For the uninitiated out there, gefilte fish is a kosher delicacy loved by many (well, ok, some) in the Jewish community (this writer excluded. Sorry, Dad, just too slimy.) And Clinton’s email, according to the Post, had to do with a hefty import tax affecting U.S. sales of the stuff to Israel.