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This might be the secret to the perfect car name

General Views Ahead Of Domestic Vehicle Sales FiguresGeneral Views Ahead Of Domestic Vehicle Sales Figures

Randall Munroe, known for his web-comic XKCD, has published a comic on his website,, that may reveal the secret to creating the perfect car name.

Munroe charted the relative frequency of letters and numbers used in car models as compared to those used in regular text. The characters used most frequently in car models he dubbed “car-like,” and those used most frequently in regular text he called “English-like.”

He assigned each figure a score, and he rated car names as either successful or unsuccessful based on their average letter scores. The least successful name he came up with was “Doody,” and the most successful was “Cervixxx.”

It seems like a foolproof method, but it may have some flaws. Although “CrashMaster 500” would rate highly on Munroe’s scale, it’s unlikely to be a top seller.