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7-Eleven is delivering snacks in these cities

General Images Of 7-Eleven Convenience Stores As Seven & I Holdings Announces Full Year EarningsGeneral Images Of 7-Eleven Convenience Stores As Seven & I Holdings Announces Full Year Earnings
Photograph by Tomohiro Ohsumi — Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you live in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, and are too lazy to go get that snack you crave, there’s now a solution.

On Tuesday, a food delivery startup by the name of Doordash announced it’s partnered with the convenience store chain to deliver food, drinks, and most anything else to customers in those three cities. For now, the delivery fee will be only $2.99, though it will likely go up eventually and vary by city. It also plans to expand to more cities soon.

The two companies also came up with a clever idea: let people order “convenience packs,” which are themed groups of items around common situations like watching a football game with friends, or being home with a cold.

But one thing it won’t be delivering is 7-Eleven’s famous Slurpee, sadly. Doordash did tell ABC Chicago, however, that it’s testing ways to do deliver them safely without melting.

Now, you happen to live in San Francisco or Oakland, fear not. Another delivery service, Postmates has also partnered with 7-Eleven to deliver its wares to customers in those two cities. The convenience store chain made it clear to Fortune that the partnership isn’t exclusive, so Doordash’s arrival at the Slurpee party shouldn’t be a surprise. In fact, both companies plan to expand to some of the same cities, a showdown that’s sure to make 7-Eleven customers happy.