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The hottest presidential candidate on Twitter is Deez Nuts


Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders. Jeb Bush.

Those are the names that have captured the lion’s share of attention so far throughout the 2015 election cycle in a preamble to next year’s election. But there’s a new name in town that’s grabbing attention in a bid for the White House and he doesn’t even have a college degree: Deez Nuts. He even was trending No.1 on Twitter for a period as people clamored to get more information about the man of mystery.

That’s quite the feat for a 15-year-old farm boy from Iowa. A registered independent, he even surged in a few polls, such as in North Carolina. Brady Olson is reportedly the person behind Deez Nuts, a popular meme, and as the New York Times reported.

Per the publication:

Asked why Deez Nuts entered the presidential race, Brady replied, “To clear the way for a future third-party movement.’’

A website with Deez Nuts’s platform suggests a Libertarian tinge, including giving voting rights to citizens of American Samoa, but deporting illegal immigrants with “the lone exception of being a minor.’’

Twitter has been struggling in recent days with shares falling below its IPO price.