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Edible pot products in Colorado may come with a warning label

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Colorado may soon include a red stop sign label on edible marijuana products to ensure that consumers understand exactly what it is they are consuming. This comes as a response to new rules that were drafted by state marijuana regulators and released on Wednesday, the Associated Press reports.

There have been multiple reported cases of people unknowingly eating marijuana-infused food, including one man who was hospitalized. A parents’ group, Smart Colorado, is especially concerned that children may be attracted to pot products that are labeled as “candy,” which the new regulations specify manufacturers will no longer be allowed to do.

The original proposal for the warning symbol was a marijuana leaf, but parents complained that this would attract kids to the product rather than warn them about the contents.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division attempted to implement a new rule stating that edible marijuana products have to have a distinct look, even after they have been removed from the package. Manufacturers disagreed saying that clear warning labels are enough to keep kids away from the products and it is not their responsibility how they’re stored after they’re removed from the package.

These new rules still have to face a final hearing before they can be implemented.