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This Minecraft-themed PC will make you extremely jealous

Video game designer Spencer Kern has taken his appreciation of Minecraft to the next level by building a stunning PC in honor of the Mojang-developed, Microsoft-owned game franchise.

Kern says he sought to commemorate the launch of Microsoft’s (MSFT) new operating system, Windows 10, as well as the accompanying version of the Minecraft game. He designed his computer tower—his “first truly scratch built PC”—to look like a block of redstone, one of the game’s fundamental Lego-like resources, he says.

“This Redstone PC build was meant to be a celebration of not only the new Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta but also the launch of Windows 10 itself,” he writes in a step-by-step guide on Microsoft’s presentation tool Sway. “I wanted to create a PC thats only purpose in life was to play Minecraft and look good doing it.”

“Just like the game, this entire build process was going to be an epic adventure,” he adds.

Kern first mocked up 3D representations of his dream computer. Then he translated those blueprints into laser-cut acrylic panels. He painted, puttied, sanded—and voilà. The Redstone PC: a glorious glowing cube of gamer glee.

He even cooked up a keyboard, mouse and controller to boot.

You can follow all of his steps here.

Minecraft PC 2015
Courtesy of Spencer Kern.
Courtesy of Spencer Kern.
Redstone PC 2015
Courtesy of Spencer Kern.
Courtesy of Spencer Kern