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Snapchat’s filters are getting political

Snapchat Raising Money That Could Value Company At Up To $19 BillionSnapchat Raising Money That Could Value Company At Up To $19 Billion

A new Snapchat filter is about to invade your feed: the paid political ad.

Ohio users flipping between options for colorful Ohio and Cleveland city filters may come across a new option for a bright orange filter proclaiming “How I Feel About the Bad Iran Deal.” The new offering isn’t a credit to Snapchat’s corporate team. It’s an filter paid for by Secure America Now, a foreign policy advocacy group, reported the New York Times.

Political groups are now taking on the non-traditional advertising methods, adding the less predictable social media options to the traditional and more reliable television advertisement stable. The Snapchat filter, which acts essentially as native advertising, relies on users putting it out there. There’s a lot less control, but groups are trying to claw their way to relevancy in the digital sphere and looking for new ways to do so.


The filter ad is just one of many ways Snapchat plans to cash in on the political advertising wave ahead of the upcoming Thursday night debate. It is also planning a debate story that will run three 10-second advertisements amid a running tab of user-generated and original content. Those ads can be custom targeted down to the state level.