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This map proves everyone is obsessed with Donald Trump

Donald TrumpDonald Trump
Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.Photograph by Ross D. Franklin — AP

Donald Trump has captivated America—and Google has the map to prove it.

Google Trends put together a map of the most-searched Republican presidential candidates, organized by county, ahead of Thursday’s GOP debate set to air on Fox News.

Trump appears to be flooding U.S. search volume from Alaska to Florida as other candidates struggle to capture voters’ attention. The only other critical mass on the map is Wisconsin’s interest in its own governor, Scott Walker. Otherwise, no other Republican contender is able to hold his or her home state against Trump.

That’s not a huge surprise given the recent spat of media coverage commanded by the real estate mogul, which would naturally lead to more Google searches. Though, Google’s results are also in line with recent polls that show Trump in the lead.