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YouTube open to acquisitions, CEO says

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s CEO, is no stranger to acquisitions. She was a part of Google’s purchase of AdMob, a mobile advertising company, as well as DoubleClick, a $3.1 billion ad-tech buy.

Now, as CEO of YouTube, a Google (GOOG) subsidiary, Wojcicki may continue her deal-doing streak. At Fortune’s Branstorm Tech conference in Aspen, she noted that YouTube would “absolutely” be open to acquisitions that could help the online video company move faster.

“With YouTube, what I’m seeing is a lot work for us to do,” she said. “If there is a company that helps us to get to our strategy faster or acquire users we don’t have, then we will buy a company.”

She added: “Anything that helps us move faster.”

“If I look at our strategy and see that we could get here a year faster because we have the people that know this business, then yes, we’re going to look at that, and we’re going to do that acquisition.”


She noted that “time to market” is important in the online video market, which is moving quickly. So is having the right skill set.

“So I don’t really care how we get there, as long as we get there and we have a great product with a billion-plus users and growing,” Wojcicki said.