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Apple’s next iPhone will look very familiar

Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Go On SaleApple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Go On Sale
Justin Sullivan Getty Images

Apple’s next iPhone won’t look much different from the iPhone 6 it unveiled in the fall, according to reports from 9to5Mac.

For the most part, nothing new is coming to the next iPhone’s outer shell. Along with having the same body design and thickness, the next iPhone will have the same connectors, speakers, microphones, and antenna (despite a recent Apple patent application for a different technique to hide antennae). Instead, Apple fans can expect upgrades under the hood.

One thing that doesn’t appear to be in the works is a dual-lens camera, which the next iPhone was rumored to receive following Apple’s acquisition of Israeli camera company LinX. LinX specializes in making tiny multi-lens cameras that aim to achieve SLR-quality photography. As 9to5Mac notes, the holes for the camera, microphone, and LED flash seem to be identical to that of the previous model. Though it doesn’t entire rule out the possibility, it’s now more unlikely.