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This venture capital firm just gave away $50,000

Earlier this year we told you about how Atlas Venture was splitting in half, and that the tech-focused group had launched a lucrative contest to find its new name. In short: The Boston-based firm crowdsourced suggestions, with the winner to receive a $50,000 “investment” in the group’s new $200 million fund (half of which would be the winner’s to keep — assuming the fund generates positive returns — while the other half would be earmarked to a TUGG nonprofit of the winner’s choice).

More than 16,000 names were suggested, and this morning we have a winner: The firm is now known as Accomplice, which was chosen to highlight the idea that VCs work in the background, while the focus should be on entrepreneurs. Its motto is that the firm is “defined by the company we keep.”

“Accomplice” was suggested by Zaqary Whitnack, a Sacramento-based mobile and tech consultant who picked Youth Cities as the TUGG nonprofit that will share in his prize.

The VC firm also posted the term sheets it uses for its seed and convertible note deals, which can be found here.