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Dunkin’ will soon start selling this crazy new doughnut

Dunkin' Donuts hints at possible on-demand food delivery test.Dunkin' Donuts hints at possible on-demand food delivery test.
Dunkin' Donuts hints at possible on-demand food delivery test.Photograph by Joe Raedle — Getty Images

Dunkin’ Donuts, meet Chips Ahoy. Why? Because pretty soon, you’ll be able to get a doughnut with none other than crushed-up Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies on your way into work. It’ll be a cookie-dough buttercream doughnut, too, if it didn’t seem decadent enough already.

Bloomberg reported Dunkin’ will begin selling the undoubtedly calorie-packed delicacy on June 1, saying it’s a snack to eat at any point in the day. The company is also hoping the new offering will attract more customers during the afternoons, which tend to be less busy than the morning rush.

“As doughnuts become more of a culinary treat across the industry, I think we see an opportunity to expand our doughnuts in the afternoon,” said Chris Fuqua, vice president of marketing for Dunkin’ Donuts, to Bloomberg. “People are trying different things at different times of the day.”

More fast food chains than ever are competing for dominance during the morning hours, including McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Subway.
Dunkin’ is also offering the new creation without the buttercream filling. The doughnuts are being created through a partnership with Mondelez International, which owns the Chips Ahoy brand.