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There’s something very special about this ordinary-looking table

VIA 2015 © photo Colombe ClierVIA 2015 © photo Colombe Clier
VIA 2015 © photo Colombe ClierCourtesy of Colombe Clier

There’s a new way to cut down on energy costs: a table.

The Zero Energy Furniture (ZEF) table may look like your everyday table, but contains a special phase-changing material that absorbs and releases heat to keep room temperature around 71°F (22°C), WIRED reports.

The science behind the climate control table isn’t new, according to the Parisian duo behind the invention, designer Jean-Sébastien Lagrange and engineer Raphaël Ménard. But the application to everyday objects could possibly “address climate and energy issues on a furniture scale,” Lagrange said. When paired with a traditional AC unit, the ZEF table could cut up to 30% of the AC energy, according to the designers. They’re hoping to start selling it later this year.


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