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This is the secret to the ‘Apple of China’s’ whirlwind success

Lei Jun Attends Xiaomi Inc., New Product Beijing Press ConferenceLei Jun Attends Xiaomi Inc., New Product Beijing Press Conference
What is it about that informally-dressed, solo stage presentation that seems familiar? Photograph by ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, sometimes called the “Apple of China,” seems to have a pretty simple formula for success: building a loyal fanbase by holding events that celebrate the company’s customers.

The company recently threw a party for 300 fans in a trendy nightclub, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company hosts events like this every few weeks to give consumers the feeling that they too are “part of the club.”

The next step? Moving beyond China and trying to compete with the world’s biggest smartphone makers, according to founder Lei Jun.

From the Journal:

Mr. Lei has declared not only that he wants Xiaomi to be world’s largest smartphone maker within a decade, but that he wants to bring all the trappings of the good life to developing-world consumers for bargain prices, from television sets to smart light bulbs.

“What if we allow all of our products to be this beautiful? What if [the Chinese] no longer have to envy Germany or Japan?” Mr. Lei told reporters recently.

Xiaomion Tuesday announced plans to move into India, reported TechCrunch. It is already the most popular smartphone company in China, holding 12.5% market share in 2014.