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Facebook will support ‘spherical videos’ in News Feed

Facebook F8 spherical videoFacebook F8 spherical video
A "spherical video" as shown during Facebook's 2015 F8 developers conference.Courtesy: Facebook

Facebook (FB) will soon host spherical videos on its News Feed, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday.

In his keynote at the company’s annual conference for software developers in San Francisco, Zuckerberg touted videos as the future of shareable content on the social network. What began with text and moved to images and video will become an even richer and more immersive experience, Zuckerberg said, such as virtual reality. (The company last year acquired Oculus VR, which makes such technology, for $2 billion.)

On Wednesday Zuckerberg announced a new feature for its social network: support for so-called spherical videos, which allow for a 360-degree view of a moving video, in its News Feed.

The F8 conference will continue through March 26.

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