Morgan Stanley starts sucking up to Uber

November 6, 2014, 9:16 PM UTC

Uber this afternoon took to its blog — and its PR list of reporters — to let everyone know that Morgan Stanley (MS) has included Uber “in their corporate travel policy as a recommended transportation option for all employees.”

It eincludes a comment from Jeff Brodsky, Morgan Stanley’s chief HR officer, who pours it on thick: “Employees expressed their strong affinity for the convenience Uber offers them in their personal lives and wanted that flexibility for their business travel needs as well.”

Certainly it’s a bit of a coup for Uber, given that Morgan Stanley has more than 55,000 global employees.

But it’s probably a bigger deal for Morgan Stanley, which will be among the investment banks eventually vying for Uber’s IPO business. After all, every little bit helps. Even if it’s just a normally-mundane T&E decision…