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Facebook drones and Nike earnings — 5 things to know today

September 25, 2014

Seton Hall v DaytonSeton Hall v Dayton

Hello, friends and Fortune readers.

L’shana tovah if you’re off work celebrating today. For those of you in the office, we’ve got a pretty newsy day. Google responded to Rupert Murdoch’s allegations, Facebook wants to fly drones and stocks are set to open mixed after the biggest one-day gain in five weeks. Here’s what else you need to know about today.

1. Will Nike’s earnings be a slam-dunk?

The Oregon athletic wear company will report its quarterly earnings this afternoon, and generally analysts are expecting a good report. The problems in Russia may have taken a toll on the Nike’s (NKE) business overseas, but positive growth is still expected.

2. Apple will give you a new phone

If you’re one of the unlucky folks with a bent iPhone 6 Plus, Apple (AAPL) will replace your phone — as long as a Genius approves it. Is this the end of Bendgate? Click here for our list of Apple’s greatest gaffes through the ages.

3. Google strikes back at Murdoch

News Corp. (FOXA) sent a letter critical of Google (GOOG) to the European Commission, so Google struck right back, posting an open letter to News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch addressing the points he raised. The letter contends that “Google has done more than almost any other company to help tackle online piracy.”

4. Facebook (FB) drones on

The social media company is planning on using drones to bring Internet access to parts of the world where it doesn’t exist. Now, your mom can like your pictures from anywhere.

5. NutraSweet is getting out of aspartame

The sweetener used in Equal will no longer be made by NutraSweet, the AP reports. The company says foreign competition has made it impossible to compete in the aspartame market.