Steve Jobs’ office is exactly as he left it

September 12, 2014, 10:14 PM UTC

Three clips from a long interview Apple CEO Tim Cook taped with Charlie Rose Friday have found their way to YouTube.

Cook talks about the state of the TV industry (“It’s stuck in the ’70s”), why he spent $3 billion on a headphone company (“I felt we could get a subscription service … incredible talent … and a fast-growing business”), and how he turned Steve Jobs’ office into a kind of shrine.

Rose: Where is Steve in all this?

Cook: Well, he’s in my heart. He is deep in Apple’s DNA. His spirit will always be at the foundation of the company. I literally think about him every day. His office is still left as it was. His name is still on the door.”

Below: The three clips.




Thanks to Quartz‘ Dan Frommer for the tip.

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