Dear Microsoft: Don’t mess up Minecraft!

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The build-it-yourself platform has become a global phenomenon with a devoted following of young fans. Now that the game’s iconoclastic Swedish developer is preparing to sell it to Microsoft for more than $2 billion. Here’s one concerned fan’s open letter to Microsoft’s Chief Executive Satya Nadella (New York City resident Sabrina is the daughter of Fortune investigative writer and Senior Editor Jennifer Reingold — clearly, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree).

By Sabrina Lane, age 10

Dear Mr. Nadella,

So I’ve heard the news that Microsoft might buy Minecraft, one of my favorite games. Kids like me — and teens — love the game, so I have a message for you and everyone at Microsoft: please don’t change it!

People like me love Minecraft the way it is — educational (parents really like that part), and really fun.

Minecraft is educational because you have to earn your stuff. If you want milk, you milk a cow. If you want diamonds, you start mining, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find some.

Yes, you really mine in Minecraft — it’s just like the real world. You have to grow your own food to eat, too, and you have to sleep every night to fill up your energy. You shear sheep to make carpets and beds, and you chop down trees for wood so that you can build things. And you mine things like gold and iron to make very strong swords and armor.

Swords and armor are important because of the Creepers, which come out at night. In Minecraft, Creepers can kill you unless you kill them. That’s part of what makes Minecraft so fun!

You can choose to play Minecraft in two different modes: “Creative” and “Survival.” The Creative mode lets you build anything you want (it’s like being in the Lego Movie. You feel free as a bird — it’s awesome). In Survival mode you have to earn your materials and fight with Creepers to survive. It’s about risk-taking, and it’s totally cool!

That’s why Minecraft is perfect the way it is: You can choose to build any way you want, making amazing creations, or you can build like you’re in the real world, and do amazing things.

Everyone I know, both boys and girls (except for Ruth), loves Minecraft the way it is. So, Microsoft, you should know that we all want to keep Minecraft the same!

Thanks for reading!


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