Video: A musical tribute to the Apple Watch

September 11, 2014, 5:49 PM UTC

Jonathan Mann claims he has written and recorded an original song every day since January 2009. According to his Wikipedia entry:

  • His most viewed video, “The iPhone Antenna Song,” was played by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the start of the iPhone 4 press conference.
  • The commercial tune “Bing Goes the Internet” won a jingle contest sponsored by Microsoft Bing, yet was deemed “the worst jingle in the world” by the website Techcrunch.
  • Hey, Paul Krugman!,” a song dedicated to economist Paul Krugman, was performed live on the Rachel Maddow Show.
  • Janet Hill, the wife of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, commissioned Mann to produce a song in honor of Wozniak’s 60th birthday. The song “That’s Just the Woz,” was noted as Wozniak described the composition as the “best present she’d ever received.”


Song number 2,078 is devoted to Apple’s 9/9 event. It’s one of Mann’s better efforts, although its final refrain, speculating about what guys are likely to draw on their Apple Watches, is not entirely safe for office viewing.



Thanks to The Loop‘s Shawn King for the tip.

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