Apple analysts set new post-split price targets

June 9, 2014, 3:50 PM UTC

We’re starting to get new Apple price targets from the analysts who track the stock. For most, it wasn’t quite as simple as dividing their most recent price target by seven. Several took the opportunity to make some adjustments

Below: The ones we’ve seen so far. More as they come in.

— Stephen Turner, Hilliard Lyons: $124, up from a split-adjusted $90*
— Aaron Rakers, Stifel: $110, up from adjusted $93
— Sherri Schriber, Deutsche Bank: $105, up from 92.86
— Bill Shope, Goldman Sachs: $103, rounded up from $102.86
— Tom Forte, TAG: $100, unchanged
— Steve Milunovich, UBS: $100, unchanged
— Ben Reitzes, Barclays: $95, rounded up from $93.6
— Stuart Jeffrey, Nomura, $88.71, down from $89.71
— Maynard Um, Wells Fargo: Valuation range $86-$93, up from $85 to $91.43
— Brian Colello, Morningstar: $87, unchanged

Apple (AAPL) opened Monday at $92.69 per share.

*Turner’s is a 2-year price target.