WWDC: Apple rumor checklist – updated

June 2, 2014, 1:28 PM UTC

Mark Gurman was 18 years old and still in high school when he scooped the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and several dozen full-time bloggers with a series of eight predictions about what Apple (AAPL) was going to unveil at WWDC 2012.

Seven of them were correct. We’re still waiting on the eighth — Macbook Airs and iMacs with Retina displays. (See The high-school blogger who’s been cracking Apple’s secrets.)

Gurman is back this year with a bumper crop of WWDC predictions — 36 by my count. Here’s the checklist I made from his most recent rumor round-up. He edited it a few hours before the keynote, so he’s got no excuses.

We’ll revisit the checklist after the event to see how well he did.

UPDATE: Here’s the annotated checklist:

Gurman updated