Raw data: A note from the Apple-Samsung jury

FORTUNE — With no word from the Apple Samsung jury, reporters Thursday morning had to squeeze what news they could out of five written questions submitted to the judge the day before.

This one was getting the most attention:

Is there any evidence available to us that would answer this question: What did Steve Jobs say at the moment he directed or decided to prosecute a case against Samsung? Was Google mentioned, and/or included in that directive, or subsequent directives, to be included in any way in the case?

It’s hard to tell from this careful legalese — ten days in a room filled with lawyers will do that to anyone — whether the jury is buying Apple’s patent infringement claims or Samsung’s defense.

Apple (AAPL) says Samsung sold 37 million Android smartphones that used — without permission — such patented iPhone innovations as swipe-to-unlock and auto-word correct. It’s asking for $2.2 billion in damages.

Samsung says that if Android is the problem, Apple should be suing Google, not them. Google created Android, Samsung makes the phones.

Samsung’s lawyers also directed the jury’s attention to a Steve Jobs memo that talked about Apple’s “Holy War with Google”

Is the jury trying to find support for Samsung’s line of reasoning? Or is it looking for a reason to set it aside? I’m betting that we’ll know before the end of the week.

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