The Whale’s tale

September 27, 2013, 7:59 PM UTC

FORTUNE — The so-called London Whale, aka JP Morgan (JPM) trader Bruno Iksil — the man who caused that bank to incur a $6.2 billion loss and $920 million in fines — has remained silent and declined all press interviews … until now! Fortune was able to locate the Whale in his natural environment even, and tape him. It’s an interview of sorts, but really more of a soliloquy, which is to say we never got a chance to ask any questions. He just sort of, er, spouted off. If some of his utterances are difficult to understand, it may be because you are not familiar with the language used by his ilk. But pay close attention. We feel that there is much to be learned through careful parsing of his sound and fury.

NB: We think this would make for an excellent pod cast, no?

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