Businessweek’s bad tweet

September 12, 2013, 8:41 PM UTC

FORTUNE — This has been a banner week for tone-deaf tweets, but not until today did one come from a national financial magazine.

That honor goes to Bloomberg Businessweek, which this morning sent out the following as promotion for its retrospective on the financial crisis:

Really Businessweek? You can’t think of anyone who felt the impact more than Hank Paulson? Not a single person?

Not any of the millions of Americans who lost their jobs? Or the millions of Americans who received home foreclosure notices? Or people under so much financial pressure that they committed suicide?

Look, I am not suggesting that Paulson had an easy job. It must have been extraordinarily stressful, with the weight of the world seeming to rest on his shoulders. But Paulson never had to worry about where his next meal — or that of his children — was coming from. He never had to worry about finding a homeless shelter. And he seems very much alive.

And, to be clear, Paulson has never suggested that he had it worst of all. That’s on Businessweek, which apparently doesn’t consider people outside of its financial echo-chamber to be… you know, people.

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