Pre-Marketing: Inside Facebook’s IPO

May 23, 2012, 2:59 PM UTC

* Henry Blodget: Inside story of Facebook’s IPO

* Nasdaq official: We should have delayed

* Backfire: J.P. Morgan undone by its own lobbying

* On top down under: Gina Rinehart becomes world’s richest woman

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, European shares tumble and the Nikkei sheds 2%.

* Francisco Dao: Lies, damn lies and pitchdecks

* Hey Chicago: Get tickets to our upcoming Liquidity Event

* Jason Margolis: Indiana’s plan to steal California jobs

* Robert Reich: Dear 2012 college grads, you’re f*cked

* SEC trials increases 50%+: Execs stop settling

* Ira Boudway: Should Elon Musk doubters reconsider?

* Konstantin Kakaes: What scientists get wrong about science and technology

* Disclosure? NYT runs op-ed by Steve Rattner on private equity. Never mentions he used to run PE firm.

* Tweet of the Day: @fdestin Irony of Facebook IPO: Morgan Stanley getting subpoena for helping Goldman Sachs maximize exit value?

* Tweet of the Day II: @jenrossa After Accor deal, Blackstone will own both Motel 6 and Waldorf-Astoria. Synergies? A bet on disappearing middle class?