Today in Tech: Yahoo restructures

April 11, 2012, 11:45 AM UTC

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* Yahoo (YHOO) is indeed restructuring into three distinct areas: Consumer, Regions, and Technology. (All Things D)

* In light of Instagram’s $1 billion buyout by Facebook, a look at 30 of the most notable tech acquisitions from the last decade. (Wired)

* Amazon (AMZN) finally rolled out its in-app purchasing service, which brings the e-commerce company up to parity with Apple and Google in that respect. (TechCrunch)

* With numerous types of media grafted onto it, does Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes need fixing? (Macworld)

* Meet Wavii, a Seattle-based startup that uses your Facebook “likes” and a semantics engine to crawl news stories to show a highly-customized Facebook-like news feed covering any topic. “It’s about feed items for everything on the planet,” says founder Adrian Aoun. To give the desktop and mobile experience a spin, check it out here.

* Netflix (NFLX) finally fleshes out its personalized recommendation system. (Netflix Tech Blog)

* Gartner Research predicts tablet sales will jump 98% this year to nearly 119 million units sold, with Apple’s iPad continuing to dominate. (Fortune)

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