Today in Tech: How long can Apple stay the smartphone champ?

February 27, 2012, 8:30 AM UTC

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* Apple (AAPL) may be enjoying record iPhone sales now, but how long can that dominance last in the face of stiffening competition? A look at the challenges the company may face in the next few years. (The New York Times)

Starboard Value, a large shareholder, took aim at AOL in a letter to the company last week.

* Starboard Value, a large AOL (AOL) shareholder, wants to replace up to half of AOL’s board. According to a letter the fund sent to AOL, it is “increasingly uncomfortable” with the company’s direction, which includes investments in The Huffington Post and “AOL has offered Starboard Value LP an opportunity to help shape the Company’s Board of Directors composition and size,” AOL responded in a statement. “Unfortunately, Starboard Value LP has a singularly focused agenda and rejected this productive path to address their stated concerns and drive increased shareholder value.” (The Wall Street Journal and AOL)

* At a Sony (SNE) event over the weekend, new CEO Kaz Hirai helped unveil several new phones aimed at revitalizing the company’s mobile business. (All Things D)

* With domestic toy sales down, companies like Mattel (MAT) are modernizing their products, upgrading them with technology found in popular adult devices like smartphones and tablets. Now, that Barbie also takes and displays photos. (The New York Times)

* PandoDaily columnist Farhad Manjoo argues file-syncing startup Dropbox is just a feature and not a full-fledged product. (PandoDaily)

* Has your online presence effectively become your résumé? (Technology Review)

* How cell carriers could wrestle back control of the mobile ecosystem. (TechCrunch)

* Why Hollywood is optimistic about the online streaming boom. (The New York Times)

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