Today in Tech: Apple’s big TV plans

December 19, 2011, 8:30 AM UTC

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* According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple (AAPL) is plunging ahead with plans for a TV that may incorporate voice and gesture-based technology, a form of AirPlay that would let iPhones and iPads act as remote controls, DVR storage, and iCloud. (The Wall Street Journal)

* Why Amazon (AMZN) is willing to have such low near-term profit margins in the short term to achieve long term company health. (The New York Times)

* Should Research in Motion (RIMM) abandon the hardware business altogether? As farfetched as it sounds, it’s a strategy that some shareholders are entertaining. (Reuters)

* A look at Carrier IQ, the controversial software service company that sends data from mobile phones back to the carriers. (CNNMoney)

* Business Insider estimates AOL’s media business may be losing nearly $500 million a year. (Business Insider)

, the private social network mobile app founded by ex-Facebook employee Dave Morin, is seeing 30x growth in users, from 10,000 to 300,000 in just 18 days. (TechCrunch)

* How founder and CEO Gary Kremen created the world’s largest dating web site and walked away with just $50,000. (The site is now on track to make $450 million in revenues for 2011.) (Business Insider)

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