Pre-Marketing: The SOPA nightmare

December 16, 2011, 4:33 PM UTC

* Alexander Petri: The nightmarish SOPA hearings

* Daniel Schäfer: CVC struggles with ‘terrible’ results in Asia

* ‘All-American Muslim’ mess: Kayak’s bumbling makes Lowe’s look like PR savants

* Morning Call: U.S. shares rise ahead of CPI dataLondon rises earlyEuropean shares climb and the Nikkei gains.

* RIP: Christopher Hitchens

* Amen: Rental car fees need more disclosure

* Pink slip alert: 1,600 cuts at Morgan Stanley

* Romney’s resume: Bain & Co. named America’s best employer

* IBM in Boston? Emptoris is its 8th Mass. acquisition this year

* Nick Elliott: ‘See no evil’ no defense in foreign bribery cases

* Today in child labor: Victoria’s Secret

* Video: The scandalous world of olive oil

* When drinking coffee is too much hassle: Inhalable caffeine shots

* Closer to home: Apple is relying on an iPad and iPhone chip made in China Texas

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* What if The Carlyle Group had never existed: