Chelsea Handler and Gloria Steinem: Bring on the Buffett Rule

October 14, 2011, 9:05 PM UTC

Chelsea Handler Credit: Asa Mathat

It was a riot having Chelsea Handler at last week’s Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. Handler, whose business is media (two talk/reality programs on E!, a primetime sitcom coming soon to NBC , a growing stack of best-selling books), conducted a sharp and funny interview with another well-known media entrepreneur: Arianna Huffington, the queen of content at AOL . Handler also met Gloria Steinem at the Summit and invited the legendary leader of the women’s movement to be a guest on Chelsea Lately, her late-night show. The program aired last night, and who would have imagined that Handler and Steinem would talk about the Fortune Summit and Warren Buffett? Click here to see the Chelsea Lately clip.

As it turns out, Buffett–the only powerful guy to be interviewed at the three-day Summit–so captivated these two women pioneers that Handler and Steinem are now rallying support for the Buffett Rule. That, as you probably know, is President Obama’s proposal to increase taxes on the “ultra-rich,” as the Berkshire Hathaway CEO calls those who earn at least $1 million a year, in order to equalize tax rates of the upper and middle classes. It seems a little bit crazy that a tax code would unify this trio of power players, Handler and Steinem and Buffett. But this is the sort of stuff that happens at the MPW Summit. I’ll share more about this unlikely trio next week, as well as a video clip of my on-stage interview with the ever-provocative Handler. Stay tuned!