Ins and outs at Cogent Partners

October 4, 2011, 6:28 PM UTC

Fortune has learned that some major changes are afoot at Cogent Partners, the global investment bank focused on private equity secondaries.

First: The co-heads of Cogent’s research group have left to form their own firm. Bill Farrell and Katita Palamar were with Cogent for a combined 15 years, and ran a business unit that helped differentiate Cogent from its competition. I spoke briefly with the pair yesterday, who said they were still white-boarding specifics about what their new firm would do.

“After eight years we just decided it was time to move on,” Farrell says. “When we joined Cogent, it was joining to build a business. At this point, we’d just like to do something a bit more entrepreneurial.”

Cogent has replaced Farrell and Palamar with new hires Stephen Cravens (formerly with Century Interactive) and Adam Tauzel (ex- FTI Consulting).

Second: Cogent is planning to part ways with managing director and co-founder Scott Myers, according to multiple sources. No specifics yet on why the two sides are parting ways, or if all the final details have been worked out.

I reached out to both Myers and fellow Cogent co-founder Colin McGrady, but did not receive any comments.

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