A coming attraction for my new book — Bingsop’s Fables!

April 25, 2011, 7:10 PM UTC

My new book is out in a couple of days. It’s called Bingsop’s Fables, and it chronicles the work of Aesop’s younger

brother, a fellow storyteller who worked in a long-dead corporate culture. His “little morals for big business” still speak to the confused, wretched and terminally employed in all of us.

The book is most splendidly illustrated by New Yorker artist Steve Brodner, who brings the CEOs, HR managers and grouchy public relations people to life as the lions, steeds, weasels and toads they are.

Here’s a little taste of Bingsop’s Fables. The voice is mine. The gifted pen is that of Steve Brodner.