Pic of the day: Bessemer’s bathroom

December 8, 2010, 7:55 PM UTC

Yesterday I visited the new Cambridge, Mass. office of Bessemer Venture Partners, where the firm relocated after wrapping up a 25-year lease in Wellesley (who says VCs aren’t long-term investors?). Lovely ex-industrial space just a stone’s throw from Kendall Square, but the real highlight isn’t immediately obvious.

To find it, you need to open up a door camouflaged within a white-board wall. There you will discover the rest rooms, which are wallpapered with original memos supporting past BVP investments. For example, right beside the toilet is Jeremy Levine’s 2007 2006 explanation for why BVP should invest in LinkedIn (seems that positioning was haphazard).

I would have spent an hour hanging out in there, but that probably would have seemed weird.

Well, perhaps no weirder than my decision to post a photo of the BVP bathroom. Here you go: