Pre-Marketing 11.24.10

November 24, 2010, 5:29 PM UTC

* Dan Shapiro: The real value of startup options

* John Carney: The long and strange love affair between J Crew and TPG Capital

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, European shares climb and the Nikkei slips on Korea concerns.

* Kid Dynamite: Insider trading, or not?

* Ronald Barusch: What’s next for Dynegy?

* Om Malik: Apple may not be buying Nuance, but it should

* Dan Duray: Why startups are hesitant about corporate venture capital

* Barry Ritholtz: Time for zombie bears to admit the recession is over

* Neil Arora: Chinese entrepreneurs scramble for scant venture capital

* Dirk Benedict bait: Facebook has been granted trademark rights to the word “Face”

* SEC to asset-backed issuers: Don’t worry about those Dodd-Frank requirements about putting credit rating info in your marketing materials.

* Missed opportunity: SEC boss Mary Shapiro and hedge fund manager David Ganek were scheduled to appear on the same conference panel next week. But now Ganek has dropped out, after his hedge fund was among those raised as part of the insider trading investigation.

* Congrats to Paul Kedrosky, now of Bloomberg

* Tweet of the Day: @
Long CT paper shredding companies

* Line of the Day: “We heard a loan was coming with no sponsor dividend,” one syndicator noted wistfully. “But we knew it was too weird to be true.”

* Happy Thanksgiving: