Bloomberg ‘comments’ on Rattner situation

November 19, 2010, 2:44 AM UTC

Here’s a sign that Mike Bloomberg isn’t seriously considering a run for president: His stubborn refusal to cut Steve Rattner loose, or even acknowledge that his friend is involved in a serious public corruption scandal.

For example, here’s what he said back in June:

“I don’t think [Rattner] did anything wrong… I happen to think the charge against him is ridiculous… I’ve always stood up for anybody that works with me who gets attacked by the press.”

It’s one thing to see/hear no evil when Rattner had not yet faced any formal charges. But now the Mayor’s pal has settled with the SEC — including a two-year securities industry ban — and is facing multiple lawsuits by the state’s attorney general.

So I rang Bloomberg’s office at around 11am this morning, assuming that his tune might have changed. Five hours later, spokesman Stu Loeser issued the following statement, if you can really call it that:Mr. Rattner is a friend whose advice the Mayor has and will continue to rely on.”

Come on Mike. You can do better than that. More importantly, you should…