Today in Tech

November 11, 2010, 11:00 AM UTC

Every day, the Fortune staff spends hours poring over tech stories, posts, and reviews from all over the Web to keep tabs on the companies that matter. We’ve assembled the day’s most newsworthy bits below.

  • Less than an hour after TV media like Anderson Cooper and Dr. Phil accused Amazon of “peddling pedophilia” for recognizing and selling a pedophile “how-to” guide on Amazon’s Bestsellers list, the ecommerce site pulled it from its catalog. Amazon had initially argued freedom of speech for offering such content, but that tunes has clearly changed. (Tom’s Tech Blog)
  • Motorola filed a lawsuit last night against Microsoft, claiming the Redmond-based digital giant is violating 16 patents covering Xbox-related video, Wi-Fi and password protection. (electronista)
  • Cisco shares plunged nearly 13% to $21.33 in after-hours trading after the company released a disappointing revenue outlook for the current quarter. (AFP)
  • Rejoice, Boxee fans! Not only can you finally pick up the long-awaited Boxee Box, which presents a cleaner, slicker all-new Boxee interface for watching all sorts of web video and a remote with a dedicated Netflix button for one-press access, but CEO Avner Ronen also confirms Hulu Plus access is on the way as well.
  • Skyfire’s CEO says the Flash-friendly iPhone app raked in nearly $1 million during its first week in Apple’s app store. (9 to 5 Mac)
  • In a recent mobile developers survey, 20% of them say they plan to support Windows Phone 7 in 2011 compared with the iPhone (8%) and RIM (12%). (The Next Web)
  • Mixed Media Labs, the parent company of mobile photo sharing app picplz, raised $5 million from Andreesen Horowitz. Marc Andreesen himself will join the company’s board of directors. (Mixed Media Labs)
  • Facebook is hosting its second press event this month next Monday. Web speculation points to some sort of FB-dedicated email service or mobile chat. (The Next Web and GigaOM)
  • Like some users, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley admits he’s felt “Foursquare fatigue” himself. “I was at the Orlando airport at 11:30 at night recently. I’m thinking, ‘I’m not going to get the mayorship, there’s nobody nearby to alert that I’m here.’ So why check in?” Crowley and company are working on new (undisclosed) features to change that. (Search Engine Land)
  • More than 35 hours of video is uploaded every minute now on YouTube, or as the company breaks things down, 2,100 hours uploaded every 60 minutes, or 50,400 hours uploaded every day. (The Official YouTube Blog)
  • Google TV lost Fox TV content access, but gained Sony Pictures TV and movies. (Fortune)
  • During a Fortune sit-down earlier this week, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch predicted Android will be the OS to be beat come spring of next year. (Fortune)
  • Unsurprisingly, FarmVille remains the most popular Facebook app with over 16 million users. Probably more interesting is which ranked second: Windows Live Messenger, with over 9 million daily active users. (The latest version includes FB integration.) (Silicon ANGLE)
  • This holiday season, the iPad ranks #3 on everyone’s wish list, just after world peace and happiness but several notches above “Family together,” “Good health,” and “Money.” (Yes, seriously.) (Fortune)