Apple TV tops Amazon’s wish list

November 11, 2010, 5:11 PM UTC

In fact, the three most-wished-for gadgets in its electronics category are Apple products


Business Insider’s Dan Frommer made a big deal Wednesday evening about the fact that Apple TV doesn’t appear on Amazon’s (AMZN) list of its top 100 best-selling gadgets. (See Is There A Secret Reason That Apple TV Is Being Kept Off Of Amazon’s Best-Selling Gadgets List?)

Even more surprising, to me, is the absence of the iPad, especially given how many of Apple’s (AAPL) other products — iPod touches, nanos, shuffles, Magic Mice, etc. — appear on the list.

It’s not as if Amazon customers aren’t in the market for tablets or e-readers. Amazon’s own Kindle occupies the top three spots on the list and has, apparently for the past 105 days.

But there’s one place in Amazon’s electronics marketplace where Apple does shine, and that’s on its wish list. As of mid-day Thursday, the top spot — Frommer take note — is held by Apple TV. iPads, in two configurations, are No. 2 and No. 3. In all, eight of the top 20 items on the list are Apple’s.

Go figure.

UPDATE: Frommer’s pot-stirring seems to have produced some results. Apple TV showed up Friday on Amazon’s bestseller list at the No. 12 spot. The iPad is still missing in action.

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