Need a summer intern?

November 10, 2010, 8:55 PM UTC

Eight years ago, a friend asked if I knew of any private equity firms in need of a summer intern. She was a first-year MBA candidate at the time, and in search of groups that might not have done a campus visit.

My response was to launch a summer internship drive for first-year MBAs, which became a bi-annual event over at my old haunts (helping to place hundreds of students, some of whom are now principals at the firms at which  they interned). Since vacation/interview season is right around the corner, I think we should try keeping the practice alive here at the Term Sheet.

So: If you are looking for a summer intern from the current crop of first-year MBA candidates, please let me know via email ( All types of investment firms are welcome — VC, private equity, hedge, i-banks, consulting, funds-of-funds, etc. All geographies too.

In your emails, please include your firm name, job location, type of business (i.e., VC, bank, etc) and a contact email address. You also may include up to 125 words of additional information.

Your firm name will be disclosed, unless you specifically request it to be kept anonymous (which about one-quarter of firms have historically requested). If you do wish to remain anonymous, try to create a gmail-type contact address for applicants. Once compiled, the listings will be posted in both the Term Sheet email and on our blog.

There is no charge for this service.

Please pass information about the internship drive onto your friends at other firms (or colleagues at your own shop). If you are an MBA candidate, please do not send me your CV or anything else like it. I’ll let you know when the listings are available…