Pre-marketing 11.9.10

November 9, 2010, 5:38 PM UTC

Market call: Futures set for mild open as European stocks gain ground and Asian markets end the session lower.  Gold prices hit a new high as metals soar. Oil nears $90, and the dumb money has returned to the stock market.

Monetary policy: Fed bashing casts a shadow over the G20. Dallas Fed president Fisher argues against quantitative easing.  Kevin Warsh and Tom Hoenig agree with Fisher. So does Sarah Palin.

The regulators: Chris Dodd says Elizabeth Warren couldn’t get confirmed. Sheila Bair says she doesn’t want another term at the FDIC.

Corporate America Warren Buffett has $34 billion for a buying spree. Meanwhile, the SEC and Buffett haggle over $344,490.

Jeff Immelt is unhappy about policies that put foreign companies working in China at a disadvantage to local businesses.

Guidepoint Global now involved in the Yves Benhamou insider trading investigation. Ali Hariri, a former vice president at Atheros, gets 18 months after pleading guilty to insider trading in the Galleon investigation.

Might states ban alcoholic energy drinks, affectionately dubbed “blackout in a can”?

Wall Street: Morgan Stanley’s Gorman thinks that wreckless banks should fail. Barclay’s profit drops 76%, but the stock was trading higher. Ambac finally files for bankruptcyIreland’s banks could get hit by wave of home loan defaults.

KKR is eyeing Yahoo. Risk arbitrage is back.

An economist’s view on Fannie and Freddie: when privatization increases public spending.

In other news: Warhol fetches sky-high $63 million at auction, and George W. Bush defends the auto bailouts

Finally… he’s back. We can remember him as he was.