Pre-marketing 11.2.10

November 2, 2010, 3:32 PM UTC

Morning call: Futures point higher as we head into a midterm election, a Federal Reserve two-day meeting and employment numbers coming out Friday. European stocks are up and Asian markets ended little changed.

Our long national cable war nightmare is over: Giants win the World Series. Now does anyone care if they can’t get Fox?

Fed Watch: The debate over QE2.

Paul La Monica: Don’t rule out Fed “shock and awe”.

What the Fed should really be buying.

Economic signals: Junk bond sales set a record for October.

Australia issues a surprise rate hike.

Government says foreclosures must proceed.

Political round upDems brace for big losses. And an interactive election guide.

Will Obama be forced to shake up his inner circle?

Some helpful lessons from Reagan’s rebound. (And don’t forget Bill Clinton’s amazing first term turn around, too!)

Which companies will feel the GOP’s wrath if the party sweeps Congress? Wal-Mart better watch its back…

Why taxes will dominate a lame duck Congress.

Corporate America: GM IPO estimated at $50 billion, but the government could still lose money on the deal.

BP estimates Gulf spill costs at $39.9 billion, profits sink 63% but results beat expectations.

Shawn Tully wonders whether Goldman is a Wall Street dinosaur.

SEC probes JPMorgan deal with Magnetar.

A judge rejects Fab Tourre’s request to have his SEC suit thrown out, while Jeff Skilling tries to overturn his conviction.

Providence Equity Partners to lose big on MGM, while Cleveland is deal city.

Since we can’t fix any of our real problems: Winter gloves that work with Smart Screens.