Pre-marketing 11.1.10

November 1, 2010, 3:20 PM UTC

Morning call: Stocks poised to open higher. European shares rose in early morning trading and Asian markets ended their session mixed.

Markets: betting on a triple play.

Fed watch: The Federal Reserve’s dramatic actions to light a fire under the economy could put its credibility on the line, according to the Washington Post’s  Neil Irwin.

Government-at-work: The SEC wants banks to give an estimate for losses from the foreclosure documentation mess, as well as any impact on earnings.

Mortgage woes: Bank of America’s struggle to untangle its mortgage documentation mess.

McLean and Nocera: How the roof fell in on Countrywide.

Pre-election chatter: Political gridlock has a dark side for stocks.

This election cycle points to volatility rarely seen in US politics.

Anger at Wall Street fuels the campaigns.

Republicans already looking to stop Sarah Palin.

Halloween wrap: Saw 3-D tops the box office Halloween weekend, pulling in $24.2 million for Lions Gate Entertainment.

Paul Tudor Jones: no trick or treating for you.

Vote… for Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year. Alan Mulally unseated Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs ousted Reed Hastings. Now it’s the auto turnaround pro v. the iPhone innovator.