Angry Birds proves popularity of Android as a portable gaming platform

October 18, 2010, 2:04 PM UTC

The quirky game has been downloaded a million times per day on Android over the weekend.

If there was ever a question of Google’s Android being a viable gaming platform, RovioMobile’s release of the full version of Angry Birds may have answered it.  On Saturday and Sunday, Rovio distributed a million of their Angry Birds apps for Android through GetJar and then the Android Market.  They added another million on Sunday.

Rovio gives Angry Birds away for free on Android and is supported by advertising by Google’s (GOOG) Admob division which places small ads in the game.  Angry Birds was previously a paid for App on other platforms like Apple’s iOS but they offered a free “Lite” edition for both Android and iOS.

The success of this game might spur other popular game manufacturers to spring into action for Android.  EA, one of the world’s biggest gaming companies announced full support for the Android platform last month.  Other big names are on the way.

Also, because Angry Birds is advertising-based, Google should see a significant cut of the advertising revenue, which may even be more than the 30% cut that Apple (AAPL) and Google take from paid Apps.

Rovio last week called out Microsoft for advertising Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7 when they hadn’t even considered building the game for that platform.

Full disclosure: I have downloaded Angy Birds on two different Android phones and once for iPhone to the dismay of my wife and adulation of my toddler.