Microsoft is doing deals, but not Linden Lab

October 5, 2010, 9:49 PM UTC

Market research firm CB Insights got some buzz last week for a report showing that Google had announced 23 acquisitions so far in 2010, compared to a goose egg for Microsoft (MSFT).

CB Insights was right, but the key word was “announced.”

A company source tells me that Microsoft actually has made nearly ten acquisitions so far in 2010, but has not issued any related press releases or other public statements (save for Sentillion, which was announced last December and closed in 2010). Instead, it seems to be selectively leaking the news to trade blogs. In fact, don’t be surprised if another one pops up this week.

All of these deals are small by Microsoft standards, and there is no doubt that the company has been surpassed in the M&A game by Google, AOL, etc. But it’s just worth noting that the Bellevue behemoth is not completely on the sidelines …

In a semi-related note, there have been some reports that Microsoft has entered talks to acquire Linden Lab, the VC-backed operator of the Second Life virtual world. Not gonna happen …