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Changewave: Android gains on iPhone

Consumers future smartphone purchases have swayed heavily away from iPhone to Android.

According to recent surveys from Changewave, consumers planned to buy smartphones with Google’s (GOOG)Android OS  in growing numbers in the period between June and September.  Seven percent more people plan on purchasing Android phones in September than the 30% who did in June.  That’s up from single digits last year.

The iPhone  dropped 12 points from a high of 50% of planned purchases in September, likely  a result of a disproportionately large swath of people who wanted to buy iPhone 4s at launch.

Changewave’s survey asks prospective smartphone buyers what phones they plan on buying over the next 90 days. Overall, Android future phone purchases have risen sharply from 6%  September of last year to this month’s 37%.

It isn’t all bad  for Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone.  It still enjoys industry-wide high satisfaction rates, though Android is catching up in that area as well (below).