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Bloomberg releases its Android app

The full featured app signals the rise of Android in business.

Google’s (GOOG) Android platform is starting to make significant inroads into businesses.  One sure-fire indicator is that Bloomberg has released an Android app for their news readers on Google’s smartphone platform.  Android Bloomberg users were previously able to access their information via a mobile web interface but the new app is a “richer, more interactive, and engaging experience”.

One unique (and we think cool) aspect is that our release is the first fully featured business and finance app for Android. This allows us to deliver the news faster and gives users the ability to read stories while off-line. Other providers have opted for a hybrid approach that consists of a top level widget (or light app with one page) that’s integrated with their mobile website.

Bloomberg also has apps for Nokia (NOK) mobile platforms.

A nice feature is the app’s ability to download news stories in the background (for reading on the subway?) .  Aesthetically, its white text on black background looks really good on the Super-AMOLED Samsung Galaxy series phones.

The Android app is free and now available in the Android Market (do a search for ‘Bloomberg’).