Power Point: Give it up for a good cause

April 8, 2009, 3:37 AM UTC

“We have all felt pain, but we can all do more. And doing something in a time like this is much more important.”

–Sandy Weill in Tuesday’s New York Times, on his decision to move forward on a $170 milion gift to Weill Cornell Medical College. The former Citigroup CEO, who had already given $200 million to the school, had planned to give those extra millions posthumously. But as Cornell confronted budget troubles and a sinking endowment, he opted to show his goodwill now. Good for him, given his own declining wealth in Citigroup stock, which is trading at $2.76 a share. “My activities in the not-for-profit center seem to have a lot more staying power than what I accomplished in the for-profit area.” Indeed. –Jessica Shambora